Natural Cleaning

Abode Laundry Powder (Front Top) Wild Lavender and Mint 


A beautifully scented Wild Lavender and Mint laundry powder. 

A natural, chemical free, safe laundry powder that is ideal for both front and top loader machines.


Ideal for delicate and sensitive skin.

Perfect for washing your babies clothes and cloth nappies (MCN's). 

  • High performance

  • No nasty chemicals

  • Grey water safe

  • Up to 50 washes 

OurEco Home BiCarb Cleaning Paste Lemon Myrtle 


Clean naturally with the power of Bicarb and “Lemon Myrtle” essential oil. 

OurEco Clean Cream Cleaning Paste is great in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry. 

It makes stainless sinks shine, tiles sparkle and removes soap scum in showers from shower screens. 

It is brilliant on kitchen cupboard laminate doors too. 

Simply apply paste to surface with a soft scrubbing sponge or light scouring pad if suitable for the surface, thoroughly rinse or wipe down with water and a damp cloth where necessary. 

For heavily soiled areas leave the paste on the surface for a few minutes and you can even activate the bi-carb by spraying Vinegar from a spray bottle. 

Finish off with a dry microfibre cloth and the multipurpose spray for an extra sparkling finish and fresh smelling surface.

OurEco Home Multi Purpose Spray Lemon Myrtle 


One spray for all surfaces. 

Clean naturally with the antibacterial/anti-fungal properties of “Lemon Myrtle” essential oil. 

This spray works beautifully on kitchen surfaces including, granite, glass, mirrors and stainless steel, all bathroom surfaces, walls, furniture and basically any hard surface in the house. 

For best results, initially wipe the surface with a “damp cloth” to remove any large particles and dirt from the surface. 

Then lightly spray the Multi-purpose on the surface and dry off with a separate “dry microfibre cloth.” 

For best results the microfibre cloth needs to be used dry and let the cloth do the hard work for you. 

Simply rub the cloth over the surface until the surface is dry and free from any dirt and grime.

OurEco Home Introductory Pack  

Get started with the basics covering most of your household cleaning… 

Introduce OurEco “Natural Cleaning” products to your home for: $44 save $5 


  • Lemon Myrtle Bicarb Paste (55og) 

  • Multipurpose Spray (500ml) 

  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner (500ml) 

  • Disinfectant Toilet Spray (500ml) 

  • 2 x Micro Fibre Cloths (Blue and Green) 


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