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My Name is Angela Baldovin. I am a mum of two beautiful girls, a Naturopath and the Founder of Earth Bubz.


My Journey into natural and eco-living began over fifteen years ago, when I began studies in Natural Medicine (Naturopathy). I have always had desire to live "healthy", but my studies into Natural medicine reinforced to me how our lifestyle impacts our genes and destiny! Little did I know at the time, how much this would be of use to my own family almost two decades later!


From the moment my husband and I decided we were going to bring babies into this world, I knew that with all my knowledge as a Naturopath, and through my many years of "self work" and personal development, I knew it was my duty to ensure that I gave all my children to come the best head start to a happy and healthy life! 


Our first daughter Amelia, came into our lives and I was able to put my years of clinical experience with families and children into action to raise her to be as healthy as possible. Interestingly, I had so many clients, friends and teachers (that were mothers) approach me asking why I did things a certain way with Amelia, why I did or didn't giver her certain foods, why I chose to only put certain products on her body, why I used cloth nappies etc.  This created a desire to establish a holistic advisory service, but at that time in my life the idea just sat in my mind. 

When my youngest daughter, Lilah, was conceived we very soon found out there was a high likelihood of her having a chromosomal condition Monosomy X- (this was confirmed at birth) which predisposed her to many health complications. This broke my heart, to think that she would have so many health hurdles to face from such a young age, but Lilah's diagnosis also reinforced to me the importance of living as naturally as possible, to help protect her from the array of “possible” health challenges she may face. 


With my knowledge of how environmental factors trigger disease expressions, I knew that If I kept our environment as clean as possible both physically and emotionally we could reduce the likelihood of these health complications, to give her the best chance at a healthy life. We are not the destiny of our genes! 


To the best of my capability, I reduce our exposure to toxic chemicals, I fuel our bodies with a clean nutrient dense diet, and I make sure we look after both our physical and emotional health! 


Not all Mammas (regular, or those with special needs babies) are lucky enough to have this past experience and knowledge in natural health care that I have, so I though wouldn’t it be great if there was a place for Mammas to purchase Naturopathically tried and tested natural baby items and get the professional and emotional support that is truly needed when raising your baby naturally & holistically! 


And so Earth Bubz and The Earth Mamma Hub was born!

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